What and How about Zika virus

With the World Health Organization recently declaring Zika virus to be a Public Health Emergency of International concern, Bengaluru needs to be extra careful since it is the same mosquito that is known to spread dengue and chicken guinea. Spread by mosquitos, the Zika virus infected 2,500 people in Brazil last year. Experts believe it’s only a matter of time… Read more

Zika Virus Infection

With the World Health Organization recently declaring Zika virus to be a public health emergency of a global level, India needs to be extra careful since it is the same mosquito that is known to spread dengue and chicken guinea. The virus has infected 2,500 people in Brazil last year. Experts say that it will not be long before it… Read more

Cover Story : Misuse and Overuse of Antibiotics, Dr Swati Rajagopal

For nearly a century, antibiotics have helped in the killing and control of bacteria that make human beings sick. But, in recent times antibiotics are losing their efficacy against certain types of bacteria. There are various infections caused by certain varieties of bacteria that are unbeatable by the antibiotics available now! The misuse or overuse of antibiotics have led to… Read more

Beware, winter’s here and so is the flu

As the winter progresses, Bengaluru is back in the clutches of the persistent influenza virus. With several cases being brought to the notice of physicians, city-dwellers are being advised to take precautions that will help prevent the virus altogether. At  Bowring Hospital, upto 70% of  the OPD cases are for this “seasonal flu,” a common infection spread through coughs and… Read more

Living with Lyme Disease in India

Got Lyme (Disease)? And living in India? Clueless about what you should do next? Read some my first-hand experiences of what you need to do in this battle against lyme. How I got infected with Lyme Disease Remember the last time you heard about a traveller visiting a ‘first-world’ country and coming back stricken with disease? Nor do I. Well,… Read more

Expert Take – Bon Voyage, but Talk to a Travel-medicine Expert before the Flight

Planning a trip? Our travel-medicine expert tells you what you should be prepared for The number of individuals engaged in international travel has substantially increased over the last decade. Travelers are of different age groups and have a variety of health concerns. In this context, travel medicine becomes crucial. Travel-medicine experts include physicians who would review the itinerary, length of… Read more

Flu vaccination provides best protection against H1N1

H1N1 is like any other seasonal flu virus. Flu season is normally from November to December and early January to February, but can continue from April to May, especially in places like Delhi. A contagious respiratory virus, H1N1 also spreads through contact. Droplets from cough and sneezing spread the virus easily. If one touches the surface or an object that… Read more

Dengue attacks city, but BBMP won’t see it

Ronak Rao, a self-employed civil en gineer, was down with high fever, severe body ache, headache and rashes. A lab test found his platelet count was low, and with a persistent fever, he tested positive for dengue.While his fever subsided in three days and he was discharged from hospital, it took him a couple of weeks to overcome his weakness… Read more

Take those shots before hitting wild spots

Bengaluru: It’s time to explore the unexplored and for a healthy, happy journey. As Bengalureans head in droves to destinations literally in the wild this holiday season, they are also making sure it’s a safe trip. So a visit to a doctor and then to the pharmacist to keep a medical kit ready is now a must. The concern is… Read more

What ails migrants in Bangaluru?

Six months ago, Mukund Bhatia (name changed), a software engineer from Madhya Pradesh, had moved to Bengaluru. Within days, he developed breathing problems. Though it began as a mild irritant, it got severe with time. Once in the dead of night, he was so troubled he had to be rushed to a premier city hospital. With medical intervention, his condition… Read more

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