Diseases are on the prowl

The unexpected downpour, coupled with garbage can unleash a trail of diseases. The combination of rain and garbage, is deadly, warn physicians in the City and say that people must take all precautions to keep away from contracting diseases. They caution that people will now have to be more disciplined when eating out and the thrill of eating street food… Read more

City witnesses major rise in Vitamin B-12 deficit patients

Bangalore: Increasing number of people are coming in with complaints of weakness and tiredness as symptoms at city based hospitals. It is only when they get examined, that it is found that they have Vitamin B-12 deficiency. This group of people are at the risk of developing several neurological problems, asserts specialists. Dr Murli Mohan, head of the department, internal… Read more

Malaria still stings, slightly less though

Today is World Malaria Day. Drug-resistant variant of the disease still a cause of concern Though the number of malaria cases is on the decline, rising relapse and drug-resistant malaria cases are the major concern for city-based doctors. The State Health and Family Welfare Department is struggling to contain malaria in Mangalore and Udupi where the percentage is as high… Read more

Infectious Diseases & Travel Medicine

More people are traveling internationally than ever before. This is acting as a double aged sword. On one hand, it enhances global economy and leaves an individual with pleasant experiences. On the other hand, it could expose an individual to infectious agents, injuries related to transportation and certain activities like diving or high altitude hiking. Fortunately, most travel-related health problems… Read more

Teenagers not aware about STDS

Awareness about HIV-AIDS may have spread fast in the past few years but teenagers still lack appropriate knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), say doctors here. Every month, 10 to 15 teenagers knock on their doors and seek medication for STDs. Doctors blame this on lack of awareness about STDs and sex education in families as well as in schools.… Read more

Chickenpox scare at NLSIU

The National Law School of India University (NLSIU) has detected three confirmed cases of chickenpox on campus and has declared a ten-day holiday. The students and faculty have been evacuated and the fumigation process is on in full swing. Classes will commence on August 8. According to the health wing of the BBMP, similar cases of chickenpox have been detected… Read more

You don’t need to pop that pill

Irrational and overuse of medicines is becoming a big health hazard. Before popping a pill next time, think if you really need it. Or whether it is the right one for your problem and is being taken in the right proportion. Estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO) state that 50% of medicines consumed are either not necessary, taken incorrectly,… Read more

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