Univ Of WhatsApp has alredady found a cure for Covid

Univ Of WhatsApp has alredady found a cure for Covid
Posted 24 Jun 2020 | Source: Newspaper

Demand vs Supply
Doctors say for almost any treatment or preventative, supply could be an issue if large numbers of people need it. “Hence, the Covid-related trial drugs should be carefully monitored by the Ministry of Health and used only with its recommendation.” Said Rao.
Dr Satyanarayana Mysore, HOD of Pulmonology at Manipal Hospital said, “Favipiravir was developed in Japan as an anti-flu medication. Clinical trials have been done in the USA, Japan, Canada, France ect. Roughly 18 global controlled trials have been done. About 150 patients have been trialled on this drug. The results thus far: 55 to 60 percent of patients have shown faster clinical recovery and faster viral clearance in mild to moderate cases. DCGI has mandated restricted use. Informed consent is needed. This drug may not be suited for patients with severe liver and renal diseases. Citizens should not attempt to hoard this medication. It is approved for conducting clinical trials and 150 patients have been trialled in India.”
Dr Murali Mohan, a neurosurgeon from Sagar hospital said, “Antivirals have to be prescribed by doctors. These medications have specific indications and have side effects. The public should not self-medicate.”
Dr Jagadeesh Kumar P, Consultant Pulmonology, Apollo Hospitals said, “The public should understand that since this is the first time that this disease has affected humans, there will be lots of medicines and trials and not everything will work. These medical updates are not for the public and they shouldn’t be thinking too much about these messages.”
All that ordinary citizens need to do is continue with safety measures. “We cannot get complacent assuming that investigational drugs are now in the market. It’s important to continue with hand hygiene, use of masks, cough etiquette and physical distancing. The drugs have innumerable side effects. There are strict criteria about their use and they cannot be consumed by the public without doctor’s supervision, “ said , Dr Swati Rajagopal, Consultant – Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine, Aster CMI Hospital.