Adult Immunisation

Just like we have vaccines to protect against childhood infections, vaccinations are also important for adults. Many of the vaccines taken during childhood wane off in adulthood- Hence, it is important to understand the importance of vaccinations in an adult.

Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases are disorders causes by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. They are normally harmless , but in certain circumstances they cause serious disease.

The following video gives you an overview of Infectious Diseases as a speciality.

Dengue Fever

With the onset of the dengue season, it is important to have better understanding of the infection, signs- symptoms , preventive advise and treatment. The video highlights key aspects of the mosquito borne infection

Typhoid Fever

Food and water borne infections are common. Typhoid fever is a very common infection in third world countries. The video looks at preventive and treatment aspects of the bacterial infection

Travel Medicine

With increase in international travel, we are constantly getting exposed to new infections. It is important to plan travel well in advance so that one could consult the travel medicine expert for preventive advise

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