Consultation for Adults & Older Adults

Practice Hours

Aster CMI Hospital

Consulting hours: Monday-Saturday

Timing: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Arista Health Clinic

Consulting hours: Monday-Saturday

Timing: 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Sunday - holiday

No online consultation on Sunday

Travel Medicine

With increase in international travel, we are constantly getting exposed to new infections. It is important to plan travel well in advance so that one could consult the travel medicine expert for preventive advise

Processes we follow

Step : 1

Strictly by appointment

  • The receptionist will ask you a few questions regarding your health 
  • Please inform if you have travelled outside Bangalore in last 14 days , if there has been a family member who has travelled outside Bangalore in last 14 days , if any one has been unwell at home , has fever , cough , sore throat , headache , body ache , loose motions , loss of taste or smell.

Step : 2

On arrival

  • Thermal check will be done
  • Patients will be seated with adequate physical distancing
  • Masks are mandatory before entering the clinic
  • Follow hand hygiene steps before entering clinic
  • Follow appropriate hand hygiene before entering consultation room
  • Only one attender per patient allowed into the room

Step : 3

Payment mode

  • Use digital modes of payment instead of cash 
  • Card facilities are available at clinic.

With overwhelming online consultations in view of the Covid 19 situation , the waiting time may be longer than 24 hours .

No online consultation are available on Public Holidays and on Sunday

Step : 1

In Bookings Page, kindly select the type of service required and make the payment online through the payment gateway 

Step : 2

Our Admin staff will send you an email with the necessary date and time of your appointment

Step : 3

The appointments for online consultation are given in evening time based on availability of slots

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