I moved to the Bangalore recently and needed to find a new Infectious disease Physician. I was directed to Arista Health clinic by a relative of mine. It was completely fruitful experience. Dr. Swati listened patiently as I discussed my medical history, asking questions along the way and listening to my answers. I would strongly recommend Dr Rajagopal for any infectious disease related queries.


Dr Swati was very thorough and has wonderful bedside manners. This helped me reduce my anxiety related to my medical problem. She is a superb doctor. It was a nice change of pace because until then I was used to physicians who would rush through their appointment.


I consulted Dr Swati on behalf of my dad who was admitted in a health care facility with sepsis. She patiently reviewed the records and advised appropriate antibiotic therapy for the same. My dad recovered well and is back to his healthy self. Thanks to Dr Swati for her timely advise.


I consulted Dr Rajagopal with a fever and cough for last 3 months. She examined me thoroughly and with her inputs , I was detected as having Tuberculosis. With her timely


“I consulted Dr Swati for treatment post removal of infected knee implant. She conveyed a genuine concern regarding my treatment, answered all my questions patiently in simple laymen’s term that was easy for me to understand. The course of treatment was effective and my recovery happened as per schedule. I thank Dr Swati for her help and guidance”


“I relocated to Bangalore in 2017 and was extremely anxious regarding my HIV care as I was new to the city. I researched over the internet and visited Arista Health Clinic. I recall my first meeting with Dr Swati. She listened to me patiently, understood my case and my concerns regarding treatment. She treated me like any other patient with respect and thanks to her that I am doing so well. I strongly recommend the doctor for HIV care”

Anonymous[ patient did not want name disclosed]

“I consulted Dr Swati for my Tuberculosis treatment. I was extremely apprehensive regarding the treatment and was confused about the medications. Words cannot describe just how terrific, caring, compassionate, and professional Dr Swati is. In today's hi-tech world, where most of the physicians would sit in front of the computer and type while patient answers questions, Dr Swati gave the time required to clarify all my questions”.

Anonymous[ Patient did not want name disclosed]

I consulted Dr Swati at Arista health clinic for management of Lyme disease. She understood the complexity of the case, listened to my concerns patiently. She charted a treatment plan for me and she continues to guide me in my medical care. She approached my problem holistically.

Anonymous[ Patient did not want name disclosed]

I visited Arista health Clinic for the management of MRSA abscesses. I was paranoid after reading through about the infection over internet. She explained to me patiently, treated me appropriately and now I am infection free. She spent a lot of time explaining to me simple measures to control infection. Thanks to Dr Swati.


I consulted Dr Swati for travel medicine advise. I was visiting Africa. She guided me with the necessary vaccine advice, malaria prophylaxis. She spent time understanding my travel plan to guide me appropriately. Thanks to her that we had a safe travel.


My mother consulted Dr Swati at Arista Health clinic for recurrent urinary tract infections. In contrast to doctors that I had consulted earlier, who would put my mother on multiple antibiotics, she assessed my mother thoroughly, was able to understand the root cause of the problem and my mother is now infection free with simple treatment.


I consulted Dr Swati to seek advise on PreP. I had visited many doctors regarding the same and many of them did not understand what it was. I researched through the internet and sought the help of Dr Swati who was able to guide me with the same. She is up-to-date with her medical skills

Anonymous[ Patient did not want name disclosed]

I went to see Dr Swati Rajagopal for getting treated on my Severe Cold and which also resulted in high temperature. Dr Swati Rajagopal solved my problems in a very professional way and she didn’t give any acute medicines. She was very good in handling the overall problem.
Cost wise also I found her to be very practical. Wishing Dr Swati Rajagopal all the very best for more and more success.


Dr Swathi was very friendly & very supportive she cured me & counselled me. something which is beyond a specialists duty. she was very stern,very precise about following one’s treatment right while I am getting discharged today I am taking lot of good memories and can’t thank god enough that there are doctors like dr swathi who can single handedly take the medical fraternity to the highest level. also dr nitin was very patient and supportive.

Mr Syed

Hello Madam,
I am really impressed by medical consulting services offered by you.
I would like to refer my friends.
Thank you

Kind Regards
Dheeraj Panjwani
Senior Business Consultant, Oracle

I met Dr. Swati Rajagopal through one of my friend’s reference and it was for a minor infection for my wife. I am very happy to see the patience and courtesy shown by this young Doctor during the entire course of the treatment.
As we generally say, half the Patient’s problem are solved in the mind and it majorly depends on the smoothness and the way a Doctor conducts himself / herself with the patient. This will help atleast to a certain extent the mental agony which a patient might be facing. This I definitely saw in my Wife since she has become very used to the medicines and has fully recovered from the problem she has been having for some months. Thanks to the friendly and leisurely approach of Dr. Dr Swati Rajagopal, this was made possible.
I wish her all the very best and hope to see her continue this wonderful service to the society. May the God give her more and more knowledge and powers to achieve her ambitions.

Kesavan Srinivasan

Message My daughter in-law, Mrs Naina Hegde was suffering from unexplained fever and fatigue for about three weeks. Repeated visits to several doctors and numerous lab tests and X-rays failed to conclusively diagnose the ailment. Finally on our family doctor Dr. Roy Choudhury’s suggestion, we met Dr. Swati Rajagopal in your hospital. She immediately recommended admission in your hospital. Not only was she able to diagnose the disease within 24hours, she also took very good care of her throughout the stay. It was a relief for all of us after all the suffering that she was finally diagnosed and was also in very good hands. All the while she very patiently answered to all our numerous questions and made the patient and the attendees feel very comfortable. Even Dr. Nitin and all the nurses were very helpful. She stayed in your hospital from 12/09/2012 to 19/09/2012. In the beginning, we thought all big hospitals like yours, may only be exploiting and did not hope that doctors of Swati’s calibre are also there. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Swati, Dr. Nitin and also Columbia Asia for all the care and treatment provided to Naina and ensure recovery. These doctors need full appreciation.

Ramakrishna Mudugal

I came to Dr. Swati with 45 days of high fever and after being injected with any and every antibiotic that doctors could think of. Dr. Swati put me off all strong antibiotics immediately and focused on the right diagnosis, which she did very precisely and quickly. She put me on a mild antibiotic thereafter and I felt better right after the first dose. I appreciate how she asked me at every stage if I was comfortable undertaking that treatment and was continuously mindful of avoiding any painful diagnostic test. I express my sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to Dr. Swati.

Nikita Singla