What is Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases as a speciality, involves patients from multiple disciplines whose infections demand the expertise of the ID service. Virtually all aspects of infectious diseases are encountered on the ID consult service .The specialization of infectious diseases looks at infections from several perspectives – exploring the underlying biology, epidemiology, ecology and evolution of pathogens in relation to the extraordinary immune defences of their human hosts.

Why Infectious Diseases?

The study and control of infectious diseases has always fascinated me. Infectious diseases are one of the major causes of mortality in the developing world. Medical sciences has such an immense responsibility in managing and controlling infectious diseases. The health of the community is so much intertwined with the socio-economic well being that controlling mortality due to infectious diseases can alone significantly improve the incomes and quality of life of the marginal and impoverished sections of society. Since my MBBS days I have been passionate about understanding the patho-physiology of infectious diseases including some of the newer ones like hemorrhagic fevers. What has intrigued me is how easy it is to save lives of the poor by inculcating simple precautions on personal hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and overall cleanliness. This has been one of the prime reasons why I chose to specialize in infectious diseases while pursuing the MMed course.

I have made efforts to contribute to society and community through active involvement in pulse polio immunization campaigns and offering free medical service in villages in India .