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There was a lot of apprehension initially about the vaccines. However, after  a lot of thinking and review, I took the first shot of covishield  with confidence. I realized that the pandemic is not over and it’s probably best to take the vaccine. There was just mild pain at the vaccine site, maybe a little exhaustion for 24-4 8hours, but no other issue.

I think with any pandemic vaccines are absolutely the most important strategy to control it. With vaccines showing  positive signs, we can once again resume our normal lives without the lurking fear and anxiety of contracting Covid-19. This the best thing that could happen this year. Though these are early days, we are optimistic we can get good coverage with the vaccination.

Dr Swati Rajagopal, Consultant Infections Diseases and Travel Medicine, Aster CMI hospital

 I took my first dose of Covid vaccine on January 19. Honestly, we should feel grateful to have access to a vaccine in such a short time. I experienced very mild pain at the injection site and mild body ache for two days. I didn’t require any medication or rest. I went about doing my routine work. I was absolutely fine on the third day. If one understands the science of vaccines, one can be reassured about the safety profile of these vaccines. In any case, they are safer than suffering the complications due to live actively multiplying viruses. Moreover, we should be proactively taking it to build sufficient herd immunity before the virus starts mutating again.

Dr Suman Singh, MD OBG, Senior Consultant, Rainbow Hospital, Bengaluru