More younger people in COVID-19 crosshairs

More younger people in COVID-19 crosshairs
Posted 27 Apr 2020 | Source:

State records majority of positive cases among those aged below 60; largest chunk is in 20-40 age group
BENGALURU: Rampant violation of the lockdown regulations across the state and the complacent attitude among the younger people towards preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus has resulted in 292 of the total 474 COVID-19 cases in Karnataka so far, coming in the age group of less than 40 years. This is in contrast to warnings from experts that those above 60 years of age, who are believed to have lesser immunity, would be more vulnerable to the dreadful infection.

However, of the 18 COVID-19 casualties in Karnataka, only two are aged below 60 while the rest are older — indicating that the older people are more severely affected and tend to be critical than the younger patients. As per statistics gleaned from the state COVID-19 war room, only 68 COVID-19-positive individuals in Karnataka are in the age group of 60 and above, while the bulk of the patients (234) are in the age-group of 20-40. Of them, 118 are aged between 30 and 40, while 116 are aged between 20 and 30. Overall, a whopping 406 COVID-19 patients of the total of 474 (as on Friday evening) in the state are below 40-years-old.
Experts have warned against resting on assurances that younger people are more immune to COVID-19 and to take the lockdown restrictions — and even after they are lifted — seriously to beat the pandemic.
The trend in Karnataka, wherein the younger people seem to be more prone to catching the infection, has vindicated World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanim Ghebreyesus’ point a month ago that although older people are the hardest hit, younger people are not spared, and that they are not “invincible”.Dr C N Manjunath, Director of Jayadeva Institute Of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research and member of state COVID-19 task force, said, “Those who are going to work places now after the (lockdown) relaxation need to be careful and wearing a mask is a must.”